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Brexit opens up substantial opportunities for the Indian education sector. Educational institutes in the UK might offer more incentives, which could essentially make education in that country less expensive. Importantly, in the post-Brexit world, Indian students studying in the UK might get a more level playing field compared with other EU students who were until now enjoyed an advantageous position.

Job Sector

India which has a greater emphasis on innovation and high-end works could emerge as a major source of high tech exports for the UK. The country’s BPO market could see strong growth prospects if FTA between the two countries was to foster easy visa regime and greater market access for the developing Indian firms.

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Easy Market Access

India is the major Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) source for the UK because many Indian firms have used it as a gateway to Europe. With the UK moving out of EU, it might not be as attractive to Indian firms as before. Intuitively, the UK government would not like to miss out Indian investment and will thus try to attract Indian firms by offering more incentives such as tax breaks, easy regulations and opening up markets

Free Trade Agreement

After losing access to EU single market, the necessity for the UK trade and investments would want to develop trade relationship with emerging markets from around the world. India, with its strong economic fundamentals and a large domestic market, is in a better negotiating position. India’s high proportion of skilled working-age population and high growth rate will be of particular interest for the UK. Potential sectors to benefit from an FTA between the UK and Indian include textile, machinery, engineering goods, information technology and banking

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